About Us

Our story

Beyan Furniture was founded in 2009, establishing itself as a symbol company in the supplying of household furniture.

Beyan Furniture has been continuing its activities as an efficient brand determining trends in the furniture market with its authentic designs since it was founded. It continues to offer a wide range of products from seating groups to sofa, from dining room sets to teenager groups, from bedroom suites to sorts of beds, and from bed bases to other products. Everything to make your showrooms perfect.

With its recent and modern collections, Beyan offers you the comfort, the elegance and the quality. We have an unrivalled collection of contemporary furniture.

Beyan Furniture, which offers the most natural state of alternatives and comfort, conveys functional, aesthetic, quality and elegantly designed products to you with a reasonable price policy, and an understanding of fast and timely service via a wide service and delivery web by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

What we make is not just furniture; we take the emotions out. And, unlike others, we don’t need to say that our products are the best in the world.

People know Beyan Furniture is the choice of the world. We export our products to all over the world.